Understand your metabolic needs and cardiac health now

The cardiovascular system is a crucial system of the body, involved in blood circulation. As an internal system, the functions of the cardiovascular system are important to the body. However, cardiovascular diseases are very common in people around the world. While some cardiovascular diseases arise from diet and lifestyle habits, other conditions can be congenital in nature. The WinDNA cardiometabolic test reveals the link between your genes and your cardiovascular health. It also takes many metabolic diseases into consideration because they affect the cardiovascular system to a huge extent.

Why should I go for WinDNA cardiovascular test?

Your genes affect the way your heart and arteries work. Often, a single mutation can lead to the development of cardiovascular disease. On the other hand, genes also control your metabolic processes like cholesterol usage. Therefore, the level of bad cholesterol and resultant artery blockages arise from genetic factors. Arrhythmia of the heart is also an inherited condition. Therefore, your risk of heart attack and severe heart condition depends on your genes. The cardiometabolic test from WinDNA helps you decode your genes for cardiac diseases and disrupted metabolism patterns.

Key takeaways



Nutrition and Diet

A better and personalized diet plan from nutrigenomic counseling

Better lifestyle

Adoption of beneficial lifestyle habits to avoid hypertension and diabetes

Nutrient profile

Micromanagement of nutrient intake to keep cardiac arrest at bay

Preventive approach

Early detection of congenital cardiac health issues and timely treatment

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