My diabetes test

Did you know around 541 million people in the world are at risk of developing type 2 diabetes? The health risk of developing diabetes had links with genes and family history. Did you know around 1 in 6 live births get affected by diabetes? All these facts point in one direction, the prevention of diabetes before it develops into a threat. My diabetes test helps assess the risk of the disease in you so that you can prevent and manage it. Did you know the risk of type 1 diabetes increases with mutations in the HLA genes? A complete genetic study linked with your glycemic profile helps avoid the chances of full fledged diabetes.

Why go for My Diabetes test?

The My Diabetes test spreads awareness about your risk linked with diabetes. It makes your risk and possibility of having diabetes. Diabetes is a complex lifestyle disease that is expressed through a range of symptoms. Often, we ignore a number of diabetic symptoms which worsens the condition. The My Diabetes test tells you if you have diabetes or are at a risk for diabetes. It helps in prevention and management of the disease in a holistic way.

Key Takeaways



Timely awareness

The My Diabetes test helps you become aware of the risks and prevent onset

Prevention and treatment

Personalised nutrigenomic counselling aimed at better management of the disease

Lifestyle change

Necessary lifestyle advice for better management of diabetes aimed at positive changes