Create a new clear vision for your eyes

Your eyes are the most valuable organs of your body that give you the boon of vision. Your eye health may be a huge concern for you. Often, eye problems become progressive and we fail to understand how to stop eye health degradation. Did you know a majority of India’s population suffers from a number of eye and vision problems? Our vision and eye health are highly linked with our genes. A complete study of our genetics and DNA markers can reveal the factors contributing in bad vision.

Why should you go for My Eye DNA test?

Did you know poor eye sight runs in the family very often? If someone in your family has bad eye sight, it is possible that other members of your family will also be prone to bad eye sight at some point in their lives. Sometimes, vision defects are passed down from grandparents. If your family tree has instances of poor eye sight, it is better to go for the WinDNA My Eye test. The test gives you a wholesome view of all the factors that can potentially contribute in bad vision and other eye problems.

Key Takeaways



Diet and nutrition

A personalised approach towards diet anf eating habits from nutrigenomic counselling

Wellness and lifestyle

A personalised calendar and planner for better lifestyle habits around vision enhancement


A preventive approach that gauges damage to the eyes and works towards minimising it.

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