My weight management test

Did you know obesity can arise from genetic factors? Did you know that obesity can run in the filly for generations? Everyone wants to possess a lean, shaped body. However, very less people work with discipline to achieve that goal. In fact, there are many people who work out for a lean, slim body but do not see optimal results. Not everyone witnesses good results of diet and exercise because they ignore the genetic factor of weight management. The My Weight Management test helps in taking a targeted approach towards weight management.

Why go for My Weight Management Test?

Did you know obesity can arise from genetic mutations to certain genes? The LEPR and MC4R genes affect the development of obesity in families. Many severe cases of obesity are linked with these genetic mutations. The Weight Management Test tells you how vulnerable you are to being obese and overweight. Obesity is a lifestyle disease that is mostly preventable with the right diet and exercise. The My Weight Management Test helps you move over fad diets and exercise plans. Instead, you can take highly personalized weight loss plans that are highly effective for you. The secret to successful weight management is that close to yourself.

Key Takeaways




Better nutrition approach with nutri genomic counseling

Lifestyle indicators

Better lifestyle habits in line with the genetic response to diet and exercise


Personalized approach

A personalized assessment and management plan based on your genetic indicators