Unlock the secret to high immunity levels today

Immunity is a function of different systems and cells of our body. Your body’s immunity is a function of your white blood cells and different organs of the body. The immune system takes care of your entire body by protecting it from pathogenic invasions. We often hear from people that their immunity levels fluctuate with seasons or diets. Apart from seasonal changes, genetic factors also affect your immunity level. From autoimmunity risks to low immunity to certain diseases, there are genetic factors behind every phenomenon. The WinDNA immunity test lets you compare your immunity levels with your genetic factors.

Why should I go for My Immunity test from WinDNA?

WinDNA immunity test is a complete test of your genetics that reveals your immunogenic profile against possible attacks from different pathogens. If you are worried about low immunity and possible pathogenic infections, you need to take the WinDNA immunity test. Have you been taking immunity supplements but do not see any difference in your immunity level? You might be eating the wrong combination of vitamins nonessential to your body. The My Immunity test helps you understand your deficiencies so that you can micromanage your immunity.

Key takeaways



Nutrition and diet

A targeted approach to improvement of immunity with nutrigenomic counseling.

Wellness planner

A personalized planner and supplement recommendations for immunity enhancements

Prevention of diseases

A preventive approach to common pathogenic infection based on risk assessments

Lifestyle habits

Overall changes in lifestyle with better habits

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