Manage men's health risks for better wellbeing

Men and their health are very different in certain aspects when compared with women. The study of diseases often reveals that men are more at risk for diseases over others. Since the reproductive system of men is different from that of women, their health issues and needs are different. The men’s health test from WinDNA includes different parameters that are common in men and relates with their health issues. From infertility to hormonal fluctuations, the test aims at diagnosing common reproductive health issues of men on a genetic basis.

Why should you go for Men's health test?

Men’s health test from WinDNA puts men’s reproductive functions and other issues into focus. Reproductive health can be a very neglected area of health for both men and women. However, the effect of it can be seen in different areas of the body. If you have been facing hairfall and might go bald soon, you should take the test to know the chances of baldness. If you have been facing infertility issues, you should go for thentest. The test tells you how your DNA influences your reproductive health and how can it be improved.

Key Takeaways



Diet and Nutrition

A personalised nutrition plan for men’s health enhancement based on nutrigenomic counselling

Wellness plan

A complete wellness plan based on your genetic markers and health risks

Early resolution

A preventive approach resolves most reproductive issues before they become a persistent problem

Improved fertility

A targeted approach to infertility risks helps improve fertility in your crucial years

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