Unlock the secret to healthy skin from within today.

Your skin is the largest organ of your body. Your skin is also what represents you in others’ eyes. Skincare and beauty are some of the biggest concerns for people, both men, and women. Truly healthy skin is a boon that not only makes us look good but also helps us feel better. Skin concerns can range from simple irritation to very deep discoloration or rashes. The WinDNA My skin test helps you know your skin from the depth and resolve concerns with the right approach.

Why should you go for the My Skin test?

If you are suffering from common skin problems like acne, pimples, uneven texture, and no skincare products seem to be in your favor, you need an in-depth DNA analysis. The My skin test helps you understand your skin needs well so that your skin can improve with a natural approach. Skin type and skin concerns start from our genetics. Good skin is a blessing that is passed down to generations. Similarly, skin concerns are also passed through the family tree. The My Skin test helps you know the genetic cause of your skin concern so that your skincare can take a targeted approach.

Key takeaways



Better diet and nutrition

A better fortified diet from nutrigenomic counselling for improved, glowing skin

Pollution factors

A better way to handle pollution impact and oxidative stress on skin

Stop ageing

A better approach for stopping premature aging signs

Clear acne free skin

A skincare regime targeted to get clear, smooth skin

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