Unleash your athletic potential from within today

Every person possesses different athletic abilities and fitness levels. How fit you are depends on your diet, lifestyle and your genetics. The way your body reacts to your diet and exercise regime also depends on your genes. Some people are more athletic than others and scientists have confirmed in many cases that successful athletes have different genetic characters than others. The sports and fitness DNA test reveals to you your latent abilties of staying fit and healthy. The test helps you know how well you will recover from intense exercise and injury. The sports and fitness test is not only meant for budding athletes but also for people who wish to know how exercise affects your health.

Why do you need Sports and Fitness test?

The sports and fitness test includes different parameters like injury risk, recovery, stress factor analysis so that you get a complete understanding of how the body responds to sports and intense exercise. Often, people go into different sports without getting a complete analysis of their health indicators. This creates problems later as health conditions emerge. From heart condition to stress reactions, every person has his unique way of handling fitness activities. The sports and fitness test takes your family tree and inherited genetics into consideration before suggesting the right approach to exercise and sports for you.

Key takeaways



Diet and nutrition

A well planned approach towards diet with nutrigenomic counselling to support sports regimen


A wellness planner with a personalised approach to exercise and sports routine

Injury and recovery

Personalised treatment for injury  in line with the findings of the test

Preventive approach

Avoidance of different activities depending on the stress and recovery indicators