Detoxify your body in the most natural way

Body detoxification is the process of getting rid of accumulated toxins in the body. Our body generates a lot of waste and also gets rid of it on its own. However, the pace of detoxification can be slow or fast depending on your diet, water intake and genetics. Do you feel your body does not detoxify easily? Do you feel burdened with the impact of toxins in your body? Do you want to take a natural approach to body detoxification that is only for you? The body detox test helps you understand your detoxification needs so that you secure good health.

Why go for My Body Detox Test?

Did you know that the MTHFR gene mutation affects your detoxification pathways? The major process of detoxification in the body is methylation. Did you know that the MTHFR mutation influences methylation process and damages arteries? The My Body Detox test helps you track your genetic influences on detoxification and its pace. With the help of this test you can know specific dietary needs for proper detoxification.

Key Takeaways



An in-depth understanding of detox

An in-depth look into your genetics for understanding your detox pace

Personalized advice

Personalized nutrigenomic counseling for better detoxification with specific dietary needs

Better Lifestyle habits

A change in lifestyle habits based on toxin levels and oxidative stress factors.