Pave the path to healthy womanhood today

Women are an integral part of the family and society. As individuals, women face many stress factors and challenges daily. To combat these challenges woman need to be in the pink of health at all times. However, woman’s health is often a very sensitive and ignored topic. The health challenges and issues faced by majority of women are unique to them. WinDNA treats women health as a major issue and helps women take a prventive and predictive approach towards prevention and treatment of women’s health issues. From physical health to mental health parameters, the woman’s health test includes many parameters to create a comprehensive panel.

Why should you go for women's health test?

If you are a girl or a woman who wants to understand her internal health parameters and reproductive indicators, women’s health test is the right one for you. The test allows you to measure your vulnerability towards many women’s health disorders. Did you know rheumatoid arthritis is a largely hereditary disease that can affect women’s joints? Did you know that PCOS can sometimes run in the family? The assessment of genetic factors in common women’s health issues helps prevent and properly treat the condition in many women.

Key takeaways



Diet and nutrition

Enhanced nutrition through personalised nutrigenomic counselling

Hormonal fluctuations

A predicative approach towards hormonal cycle patterns

Mental health

A complete understanding of your mental health state and risks


A personalized wellness planner for management of multiple health risks and better health

Bone and joint health

A complete understanding of your bone and joint health level for conservation

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